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LickLinux was officially released on December 29. 2003, and is currently growing. It is run and maintained by a small group of students from the University of Oslo (UiO). We are all studying different fields of informatics (NO), and run this site as a non-profit hobby. The server is also used as a test-ground for various school related projects. Although nothing on this site is affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by UiO.

The purpose of the new layout is simply accessibility for every browser. Since somebody still use text-based browsers such as JAWS and Lynx we needed to adapt. We also made the site very plain and comfortable to read. The old version was very graphical, and some had a difficult time viewing it. We also meet the W3C HTML Transitional 4.01 and CSS recommendations. Our main engine is a heavily modified version of b2 created by Michel Valdrighi to fit our needs. The pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve our news in different 'templates' without any hassle.

The main focus of LickLinux is to distribute fresh news concerning Linux and other UNIX-based systems, along with tutorials, game reviews, and more. However this is not another newbie help central, if you have a silly question you will get far better response at or, where they actually care.

We also run a level-based member system for those who are interested. The member system has different levels from 0 to 10. At level 0 your a basic member, although as you increase your score you will be promoted and more features will be available. Such as the ability to post news articles, signup for a subdomain, have your own e-mail address etc. Enjoy.

Feel free to to copy, distribute, and display our stories on non-commercial sites. Notice 'feeds'. Remember no derivative works meaning you may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. This is a human-readable summary of the GNU Free Documentation License which applies to our news articles. Everything else is owned by their respective owners.

If you feel the urge to contact us, please e-mail. Thanks for playing!

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